Things to know about online movie streaming

The Internet has grown from being a helping hand for students and businesses to becoming a go to service for almost everything nowadays. Be it games, networking or entertainment, internet provides everything for everyone spanning across age and gender. If you are a gaming freak or a movie buff, Internet provides you options to pursue these interests and also at a very low investment monetarily.

Movies and Internet had a very complex relation in the beginning. Most movies which were available on the internet earlier were pirated or stolen from their makers and released on torrent websites and other shady links. This led to a huge distrust of production companies in internet being a medium for their hit movies. Also the loss in revenue led to anti piracy laws and strict actions being taken against torrent websites all around the world.

But stopping piracy or copyright infringement was a dream which would never be fulfilled. For one torrent website taken down, ten others popped up on the web which provided almost the same content and database for millions of movies and series. This led to a realization among content makers that they have to make their presence felt on the web and provide official links where interested users can watch their favorite movies either by paying a minimal fee or for free.     

Popular ways to watch movies online

There are many websites and applications which provide entertainment content online. They either charge a minimal fee or provide free content for their users and it depends on the consumer which type of service he wants to adopt. Some great websites and applications for watching movies online are listed below:

  • Netflix- Netflix is one of the biggest names in the online movie streaming industry and currently, the most popular. It has millions of titles to enjoy at a very low subscription rate which is very feasible if you consider the wide range of movies it has to offer. It also has an application for smart phones for watching movies on the go.
  • Amazon Prime Video- One of the best in the business after Netflix, it provides thousands of movies both regional and international, and also has many documentaries. Subscription rates are around the same as Netflix which makes it a good investment. Amazon also provides us with a smart phone app just as Netflix.
  • HBO GO- Provides HBO produced movies and series and other content. Higher subscription rates than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Crackle- the developers have partnered with Sony Pictures INC. to provide their movies on this website. Lots of great movies in HD quality makes it one of the most popular free movie streaming website.

Apart from these, there are many other websites like putlocker which you can visit for to watch TV shows online either for free or by paying a subscription fees. As internet spreads to every part of the world, online streaming of content will be very popular in the future days for sure.