Here’s What You Need To Know About The Health Benefits Of Table Inversion!

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Have you ever experienced general back pains? Joint pressure from working out? Or maybe even chronic pain due to spinal injuries and deficiencies? Well, we’ve got the right solution just for you and that is inversion table! If you’ve never heard of table inversion until now, here’s an overview of what it is and the health benefits that come with it.

Table inversion is designed to alleviate pressure from the spine caused by strenuous activities such as working out. Its main target is to relieve any sort of muscle spasms and decompress forces from your spinal discs while also providing traction for your spine. The trick to this anti-gravitational method of healing is to hang upside-down or place your head at an angle wherein it is lower than your feet.

There are two types of devices that can be used and associated with table inversion and these are inversion tables and inversion chairs. Inversion tables are the most commonly used device to do inversion therapy. However, this is too extreme and aggressive for most people since you have strapped upside-down from your ankles into anti-gravity boots lest you need a second person to spot you on and assist you. On the other hand, inversion chairs let you place your head just below your feet while in a seated position. This device has more upsides since being in a seated position allows safer transitions, better balance, and recovery, and doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints and ankles.

Despite all the health benefits that come with table inversion, do keep in mind that while this is a good therapy addressing spinal issues and discomforts, do not attempt to do this if you have a pre-existing heart or circulatory condition without consulting with your doctor first. Placing yourself in an upside-down position can give your circulatory system a great deal of stress thus, can bring more harm than good to you and your body.

Lastly, if you do decide to give table inversion therapy a try, please try to do it at a small degree of inversion at a time. That means no more than 15 degrees inverted for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Prolonged inversion while starting out can add too much stress and pressure to your circulatory system so please be careful and ease into it slowly, but progressively increase the angle and duration of inversion. We do hope you enjoy this experience as it is beneficial for your overall health and spinal cord.