Guide to rank high in the league of legends placement matches

The next season of the competitive multiplayer online game “League of legends” is underway and it is going to be tougher than before. There is an introduction of a few placement matches at the start to really get into the game. As per the official reports, there will be 10 placement games before the actual season starts in order to obtain a rank. But, playing all the 10 games is a time-consuming matter and if you lose, it is an embarrassment before you even start. However, the league of legends placement matches does not need to have your full devotion. If you are confident enough to play the game from a rank, you can use an alternative. There are capable players with ranks like master or challengers who can do the job for you with elo boosting.

Elo boosting is an act where other players can log into your account to improve your rank by playing on your behalf. It saves much of your time and energy and you can play directly from the season or even better you can play the matches that you like. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind while getting into the league of legends placement matches.

Use elo boosting to rank high

There are many factors when you are opting for an elo boosting that you should consider. Firstly, you should select the elo booster server that provides the option of customization. It is required when you are compatible to play with different champions and different roles. Winning is very crucial to rank high and thus, you will need to understand how elo and ranking system works.

For instance, if you lose your first 4 matches and then win 2 matches, your rank will be placed lower as compared to winning the first 4 matches and then losing 2. It is so because the simulation extends to play against the computer on a level. The severity of level increases with each passing league of legends placement matches and thus, losing at a higher level does not lower your rank down. This is why you need an elo booster to help you improve your rank at the early stage of the game. Simultaneously, you can warm up with a non-ranked match if you are new to the game to understand the basics, skill moves, and tactical approach towards any match against computer-controlled champions.