Month: February 2018

Explanation of Coverage from a USAA Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

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Finding a trustworthy insurance company is crucial when purchasing a home. Some homeowner insurance policies fit within a budget but do not provide the coverage that many customers need, or the coverage fits the need but is too expensive.

The following information is taken from an insurance policy with USAA which shows to be affordable while providing exceptional coverage.

“Dwelling Coverage” – A dwelling is the home purchased by the insurer. USAA will cover the house itself and any structures attached to the dwelling if damaged. Examples would be an attached shed or parking canopy/carport. In addition, any materials and supplies located on or next to the house used to construct, repair, or alter the residence, permanently installed carpeting and permanently installed window coverings. This USAA policy does not cover land on which the home is located.

“Other Structures Coverage” – Pertains to structures that are set apart from the house by space, sidewalks, fences, and driveways including those that are connected to the residence by only a utility line, fence, or similar connection. This policy does not cover land or the land where other structures are located. USAA will not cover other structures that are away from the insured’s residence; such as something that would be capable of being used for a business or a dwelling. Continue reading